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ShipWorks has the best UPS WorldShip Integration available. With a single click, ShipWorks exports all order data to WorldShip, and automatically imports the tracking number, UPS service used, and cost of each shipment as soon as it’s processed in WorldShip. ShipWorks generates all WorldShip import and export maps for you, saving you valuable time and lots of frustration.

First Things First

Before you use UPS (WorldShip) with ShipWorks, you will need to:

The Process

1. In ShipWorks, click on the Manage tab.  Then, click on the Shipping Settings button.

2.  From the list of available shipping providers, select UPS (WorldShip).

3.  Next, click on the Setup button to launch the UPS Setup Wizard.

4.  Enter your UPS account number.  Then, check that you've read and agree to the UPS terms and conditions.  Click Next.

5.  On the Account Registration screen, review the agreement.  Then, check that you accept the agreement.  Click Next.

6.  Enter the information associated with your UPS account.  Then, click Next.

Note:  You can easily import your address information from your store setup by clicking on the Store link near the top of the screen.

7.  The Configure how ShipWorks displays shipping rates screen allows you to select how your UPS rates are displayed in ShipWorks.  This screen does not affect what rates you are charged by UPS, only how your rates are displayed for you inside of ShipWorks.  If you have negotiated rates with ShipWorks, please select the Negotiated (account based rates) option and then follow the steps in this article.  Otherwise, in most cases, you can leave the default rate type of Daily Pickup.

Then, click Next.

8.  Check the Launch WorldShip after processing if installed on this computer checkbox. Then, click the Create WorldShip Connection button. Once the Connection is completed, click OK.  Then, click Next.

9.  The Origin Address screen allows you to enter multiple origin or from addresses that you can use when shipping.  To add a new address, click the New button.  Otherwise, click Next.

Note:  For detailed information on how to add additional origin addresses, see this article.

10.  The Shipment Defaults screen allows you to set the base defaults that are selected when shipping with UPS WorldShip and to add additional shipping rules used to select additional defaults.  Shipping rules are outside of the scope of this article.  However, let's talk about setting your base defaults for UPS WorldShip.

If you wish to set base defaults for UPS WorldShip, continue with step 10a.  Otherwise, just to step 11.

10a. Click the blue link for Defaults - UPS (WorldShip).

10b.  On the Shipping Profile screen, select your most commonly used UPS settings in each section.  If a particular option does not apply to you, you can feel free to skip it.  Nothing is required.  This screen simply allows you to set the most commonly used UPS options.  Note:  There are two tabs at the top of the Profile screen.  The Packages tab allows you to specify specific package defaults such as weight and dimensions.

When you are finished with your defaults, click OK and then Next.

11.  On the Processing Setup screen, you have the option of configuring an email address in ShipWorks so that you can send emails to your customers.  You can also set the default Local Status for orders after you process a shipment.  For now, we are going to leave the default settings and just click Next.

Email - This is optional.  However, if you wish to configure an email account with ShipWorks, you can follow the steps in this article.

Local Status - We recommend the default settings.

14.  That's it!  You are set up and ready to start printing labels with UPS.  Click Finish.  Then, Close.

Additional Configuration

Now that you have your UPS WorldShip account configured in ShipWorks, there are a few more configuration options that you may wish to know about.  We will cover some of those here.

You can easily get back to your UPS WorldShip configuration any time by clicking on the Manage tab, then the Shipping Settings button and then select UPS (WorldShip).

WorldShip Integration
You can control whether or not the WorldShip application automatically launches after processing a shipment in ShipWorks.  You can also redo the connection to WorldShip from here in the event you should need to.

UPS Accounts
If you ship using more than on UPS account, you can add additional UPS accounts to ShipWorks by clicking on the Add button here.  You can also edit your existing UPS account information by clicking on the Edit button.

UPS Services

If you ship with UPS using the UPS Mail Innovations service, you can enable the service here by checking the box for UPS Mail Innovations.

Available Services

Lastly, you can control which services and package types are available to you when shipping a package with UPS WorldShip.  In the Available Services and the Available Package Types section, simply uncheck any options you wish to not have available to you when shipping.

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Still Need Help?

Please feel free to reach out to one of our awesome Customer Care Representatives in St. Louis.  We are happy to help.