You can configure an email account for use with all of your Stores, or set email accounts for each of your Stores individually. After this is configured, e-mail notifications can be sent to your customers through ShipWorks. Most commonly, e-mail notifications are used to notify customers when their shipments go out.  You can customize your emails through the e-mail templates feature so that the e-mail is relevant to each shipping provider you use.

To configure your e-mail accounts, you will need to know these details of your e-mail account settings: the Incoming Mail Server, Outgoing Mail Server, Authentication Methods, and Port Numbers. If you don't know these details, get them from your company's network administrator or IT specialist.  If you don't have in-house IT or networking help or you use web-based e-mail like Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo, you can find the information you need online. Just do an internet search for "email settings" and your email provider's name, or log onto your email account and search their help area.

Follow along with the demo below and use the pause button at any time to give yourself time to locate or type in information. 


What's next?  Next you might want to set up e-mail notifications.

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