Applicable to Volusion Releases W09 and Later. Scroll to the bottom of this article for help if you are using Volusion prior to W09.

Volusion Store Settings include a list of the shipping and payment methods used in your online store. These lists are exported from your Volusion store and then imported into ShipWorks. 

Please note that Volusion does not export "Live Shipping" methods.  

1. Log on to the admin area of your Volusion store, using your email address and password. You can get to this screen by typing your store's address/admin (like into your internet browser.

2. Once in the admin area, go to Settings > Shipping

3. On the Shipping screen, scroll down to the Choose Carrier area and click the Edit All link. 

4. Scroll over to click the Export Results link near the right side of the screen. 

5. In the Export Results dialog box, type ShippingMethods into the textbox and click the Export button. 

6. On the Data Export Wizard screen, download your ShippingMethods file:

          6.1.  Select the ShippingMethods option from the Export to a File...section. 



           6.2  Scroll down and select CSV - Comma Delimited Text File in the Export To drop-down menu, and then click the Export Now button.


          6.3. Click the Click here to download your file link and save the file to your computer.  


    7. Download your Payment Methods.

              7.1 Select Payment Methods form the "Saved Queries:" section.          



           7.2  Scroll down and select CSV - Comma Delimited Text File in the Export To drop-down menu, and then click the Export Now button.


              7.3. Click the Click here to download your file link and save the file to your computer.  



    8. Log into ShipWorks, open the Manage tab and select Stores

    9. Select the Volusion store, then click the Edit button.

    10. Select the Store Settings area from the left navigation menu, and then scroll down to find and click the "Update Shipping Methods" link. 

    11. We've already downloaded the CSV file from your store (in the steps above) so just click the Import... button and then locate the downloaded CSV file in the popup window and choose Open.

    12. Click OK on the success message, and OK again on the Store Settings screen. 

    13. Now click the Update Payment Methods link.

    14. Click the Import button, then OK on the success message screens.

    15. Close the Manage Stores window.

    Volusion Releases Before W09

    1. Login to the Admin Area of your Volusion store.
    2. Click the Settings tab followed by the Shipping link at the top, below the Settings tab.
    3. Click the Switch to Advanced Mode tab/link at the upper right hand corner of the page.
    4. Click the Export Results link above the grid and enter a name for the export (ex. Shipping Methods). Click the Export button to start the export.
    5. On the Data Export Wizard page that loads, select the Saved Query you named in the previous step.
    6. Select CSV from the Export To: dropdown.
    7. Click Export my data. After a moment, a link titled Click here to download your file will be displayed.
    8. Click the link to download and save the file to your computer. Use this file to import the Shipping Methods into ShipWorks.

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