ShipWorks can send updates to Yahoo! with shipment tracking information, which in turn updates the status for buyers returning to the Order Status page.  Before using this feature in ShipWorks, you must obtain a "Tracking Update Password" from Yahoo!.


To enable tracking updates in Yahoo! and to obtain your password

  1. Login to the Yahoo! Store Manager with your Yahoo! account.

  2. From the Yahoo! Store Manager, click the "Shipment & Order Status" link in the Order Settings column.

  3. Select the "Use Shipment Tracking features" check box.

  4. Enter an email address for the Order Confirmation Email and Bounced Message Email fields.

  5. Click "Email Tracking Password". This will assign you a unique password (different from the one you use to manage your site) to use for email tracking updates.

  6. Make a note of the tracking update password assigned to your store and click "Continue".

  7. Click "Update".

  8. Publish your order settings when ready.

Still Need Help?

Please feel free to reach out to one of our awesome Customer Care Representatives in St. Louis.  We are happy to help.