A. Make sure you're downloading labels in the correct format. 

1. Go to Manage > Shipping Settings > Select Your Postage Provider

Example 1.1: Navigating to your shipping settings. 

2. Make sure "The labels will be printed with a thermal printer" is checked and you've chosen the correct thermal type for your printer. Click "Close" to save any changes. 

Example 1.2: Downloading your label in a thermal format. 

B. Make sure your printing rules are set up correctly. 

1. From Manage > Shipipng Settings, go the “Printing” tab, and verify that your printing rules match the following:

  If the shipment is in Thermal, print with Thermal.

  Otherwise Always print with Standard.


Example 1.3: Default printing rules in ShipWorks. 

2. Click “Thermal” from the drop-down menu and select “Edit”. 


Example 1.4: Editing your “Thermal” filter. 

3. Verify that your “Thermal” filter’s conditions match Example X.6. Change to reflect the following (if necessary).

  If All of the following conditions are met:

 Label Format Equals Thermal (Any)


Example 1.5: Your “Thermal” filter’s conditions.

4. Click “OK” to save changes and click “Close”. 

C. Make sure your thermal template is routed to the correct printer. 

1. In ShipWorks, go to Manage > Templates


Example 1.6: Navigating to your “Template Manager” screen.          

2. Expand (expand.png) the “Labels” folder.

Example 1.7: Your “Labels” folder. 

3. Select the “Thermal” template and click “Edit”.


Example 1.8: Editing your “Thermal” label template. 

5. On the “Settings” tab, click “General” from the left-side menu. Make sure “Template type” is set to “Thermal”. 

Example 1.9: Confirming output type as a thermal label.  

6. On the “Settings” tab, select “Printing” from the left-side menu. 

Example 1.10: Navigating to the “Printing" section.

7. Select your thermal printer from the drop-down menu. (In this example, we’ve selected the ZDesigner GX420. Your printer model may be different.) 

Example 1.11: Selecting your thermal printer. 

8. Click “Save” to save all changes and click “Close”. 

D. Test your printing setup with a new order. You will need to reprocess a new order which will download a new label from your postage provider.