To adjust the page margins for labels, you will likely need to recalibrate your printer and/or adjust the page margins via the label’s template.

In this example, we will be recalibrating a label that uses the “Standard Label” template. Calibrating a label (through ShipWorks) is only available through the “Standard Label” template, and the “Label with Invoice” template (or if you have added a custom template, like a 4x6 template).

You cannot recalibrate a printer from for a “Thermal” label template type.

1. Go to Manage > Templates

Example 1.1: Navigating to your template settings. 


2. Expand () the “Labels” folder.

Example 1.2: Your “Labels” folder. 

3. Select the template you will be printing with and click "Edit". In this example, we will be using the “Standard” template. 

Example 1.3: Editing your "Standard" label template.

4. Click the “Settings” tab. Then, click “Printing” from the left-side menu. 

Example 1.4: Navigating to your "Standard" template's printing settings.

5. On the “Printing” tab, click “Calibrate Printer”. 

Example 1.5: Calibrating your printer. 

6. Select your printer (and print source) from the drop-down menu. Click “Next”. 

Example 1.6: Selecting your printer and print source. 

7. Select your paper size from the drop-down menu (and set the dimensions, if necessary) and click “Print”. 

Example 1.7: Printing a new page. 

8. Read and enter your results on the vertical and horizontal text boxes. Click “Finish”, “Save”, and “Close”. Try printing your label again. 

Example 1.8: Entering your results.