1. In ShipWorks, select the order to be returned and then either click the Home tab > Ship Orders or right-click on the order and choose Ship Orders.     


2. Click Copy above the list of shipments to the left and select Copy. (You may notice a grayed-out option to "Copy as Return." That is an automated feature that's not available with OnTrac, but no worries, we'll walk you through the OnTrac return process right here). Notice a new copy of the shipment will appear in the middle of the Ship Orders window.


3. In the Service tab, make sure OnTrac is selected as the shipping provider, and then in the "From" section, open the Origin dropdown and select Other Address.


4. Enter the customer's address information  to create a Return label coming from the customer address. (It's probably easiest to cut and paste their address info from the original label's "to" fields).


5. Scroll down to the "To" section and enter your returns processing address into the "To" address fields. (You might need to use the use the down arrows in the section's title bar to expand the To section).


6. Verify that the information in all other sections of the Service tab are accurate. (Use the up or down arrows in the section title bars to close or expand a section).


7. Click the Create Label button.


Still Need Help?

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