If you’re using other shipping carriers, ShipWorks can update orders with return information - but note that since the "Other" option is not actually connected to any shipping carrier's API, you cannot actually purchase the postage needed to create a valid return label. Entering the return shipment information and updating the orders online makes it easy to keep order information (like carrier, service, and tracking information) organized. 

1. In ShipWorks, right-click the order that needs return shipment info uploaded, and select "Ship Orders" (or navigate to Home > Ship Orders).

2. Above the listed shipment for the order, open the Copy menu and select Copy.

3. With the copied shipment highlighted, select Other as the Service Provider. 

4.  Locate the Return Shipment section and enable the checkbox next to "This is a return shipment."

5. Modify the Shipment Details section with the correct information.

6. Click Create Label to generate a return shipment in ShipWorks and click “Close” when finished.

7. Click Close.

This label is not directly associated with any purchased shipping service, but now that it's been created, you can update this order's shipment info online. Right-click the order on the “Main Order Grid” and select Update Online > Upload Shipment Details. This will update your online shopping cart with the shipment information.

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