We often get questions like, "What printer should I use?" or "Does ShipWorks suppport my printer?"

Standard Printers (laser/inkjet):

Yes! ShipWorks supports laser and inkjet printers.

If your computer can print a Windows print test page to a standard laser printer or inkjet printer, you should be able to use this printer with ShipWorks. 

Pros of standard label printing: 

- You can preview the labels

- You don't have to buy new equipment

- You don't have to buy special paper

- You can adjust the size of the label

Thermal Printers (EPL/ZPL):

Yes! ShipWorks supports thermal printers, too.

Just be sure that your thermal printer can print EPL or ZPL file types, and prints to a 4"x6" label at 203dpi.

Pros of thermal label printing:

- It's super fast

- You don't have to purchase ink or toner

- Labels never smear

- Thermal printers take up very little desk space

- You don't print have to print whole sheets of labels at a time

Many common Zebra thermal printers fit these requirements and other manufacturers may as well. (Note that older/used models will usually require a firmware update to be able to print the EPL/ZPL file types with a 4"x6" 203dpi format. Be sure to confirm this capability prior to purchasing any used units).  Some common thermal printers (used in ShipWorks) and their recommended formats:

Model: Formats Supported: Recommended Format:
LP2844 EPL only EPL
 Zebra GC420 ZPL  ZPL
 Zebra RW420 ZPL/EPL  ZPL
Zebra ZP450 ZPL/EPL
Zebra ZP500 ZPL/EPL
Zebra ZP505 ZPL only ZPL
Zebra ZM400 ZPL only  ZPL