At ShipWorks, we work hard to support our current integrations and forge new opportunities to give you a better overall shipping experience. Sometimes, there is a platform that we haven't integrated with yet. A list of directly ShipWorks-supported online marketplaces can be found on our website. However, if you don't see your solution on this page, we have a couple of options, based on your business logic and available resources 

1)  Generic Module Integration - This option is also know as the ShipWorks API. The Generic Module integration typically requires a developer (that you would contract) to build an extension to integrate with the ShipWorks program. Your software developer would customize a connection between ShipWorks and your online marketplace. This option requires that your shopping cart, provider, or legacy order management system allows customization and outputting XML files in the format ShipWorks expects. To get you started, we provide the Generic Module Integration guide, which is like the ShipWork programming handbook for your developers. They can use this guide to customize your online marketplace to build the connection with ShipWorks. The Generic Module Integration (ShipWorks API) is only available to customers subscribing to the ShipWorks Enterprise plan.

2)  Generic File Integration - This option uses popular file types (like CSV, XML, Excel files, or text files) to directly connect to ShipWorks. Using your data files, ShipWorks will import order data from a flat file or data file (CSV, XML, Excel files, or text files). You create mappings from your data file, and import it into ShipWorks by clicking the Download button (in ShipWorks). This process can be automated, and the file containing store data can be read from email, a hard drive, on your network, or via file transfer protocol (FTP).  Review our Solutions article on Adding a Generic File Store for more information on this option. The Generic File Integration is not available to customers subscribing to the ShipWorks Basic plan.

3) ODBC Integration - This option uses your ODBC connection to integrate ShipWorks with with virtually any database type. 

Still Need Help?

Please feel free to reach out to one of our awesome Customer Care Representatives in St. Louis.  We are happy to help.