ShipWorks v4 and above (newer)

YES, ShipWorks 4.0 and newer has full address validation.  To learn how it works, please see our article on how to use address validation in ShipWorks.

Please update to the latest version of ShipWorks to take advantage of all the benefits we've worked to provide for you.

ShipWorks v3.9 and below (older)

The below information is helpful for users who have not yet updated to ShipWorks version 4.0 or later. It is highly recommended that you contact us to help you upgrade if you are still using a version 3.x of our software.

In ShipWorks 3.x and earlier, ShipWorks does not include address suggestions or fixes, however, your addresses do go through a basic form of address validation via the carrier. Most shipping providers do a simple validation process, that basically checks your addresses to ensure that a zip code is valid for the state listed on the address. If a problem is found, a message will simply display that there is an error. The validation is not actually completed by the ShipWorks program, but is done by connecting to the shipping providers' label server (via API). Thus, ShipWorks relays the information from the provider to the user.  The address being validated is supplied by your customer and is "pulled down" by ShipWorks from the online marketplace. If you have any difficulties with the address validation of your shipments, you can check your addresses against online tools (like the ones below) to see what is preferred by your postage provider. 

For USPS: Look Up a ZIP Code™.

For FedEx: Log on to your FedEx Ship Manager, to access the FedEx Address Checker.

For UPS: The only address validation tool through UPS is by using UPS WorldShip.

If you're having difficulty processing shipments to U.S. territories, please see our documentation here.

If you're having difficulty with APO/FPO/DPO addresses, please see our documentation here

If you receive an error like "XML error: Ship To/From City Missing" or "Missing or invalid data element From: City" (see Example 1.1), you will need to modify your Ship To or Ship From address.

Modifying Your Ship To / Ship From Address

1. When you're processing shipments in ShipWorks, expand the To or From field by clicking the arrows (highlighted). In this example, we've expanded the To field, based on the error message received (error on ShipTo address). 

2. Look for an error in your address and modify it as necessary. In this example, the City field is missing content. 
3. Once you confirm the address is correctly formatted, try processing your shipment again.  


Need more help? Ask us a question and one of our awesome customer support people in St. Louis will get back to you.