Step-By-Step Adding a Shipping Provider

1. Go to Manage > Shipping Settings

2. Make sure the shipping providers you want to use in ShipWorks are enabled in the "Active Providers" field. 

3. From the left-side menu, select the shipping provider you want to configure. In this example, we'll use USPS ( The same steps will apply to any provider you want to use. Just follow the on-screen prompts carefully for each one and you'll be set up soon!

4. In the Settings Tab, click the Add button. An account setup wizard will open. Just follow the onscreen prompts and enter all of the requested account information for your account.

 5. Now select which services and package types you'd like you or your users to see when processing orders using this shipping provider.  

5. If desired, you can click the Shipments tab and click the Defaults - USPS link to set up all the Default options you'd like chosen when a user selects this shipping provider.

6.Click the Printing tab, tick the check box "Automatically print labels after processing," and verify that the correct printer type is chosen.  It is highly recommended that you leave the default Ouptut rules in place that says "If the shipment is in Thermal, print with Thermal. Otherwise Always print with Standard."

7. Click the Tasks tab and enter your email account information. You'll need to do this if you want to send automatic shipping notifications. 

8.  Click "Close" when finished. This shipping provider is now available for use in ShipWorks. 

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