1. Go to Home > New.

Example 1.1: Creating a manual order. 

2. From the drop-down menu, select the store you want to assign your manual order to. (You can only assign the order to stores configured in ShipWorks.) 

Example 1.2: Assigning your manual order to a store. 

3. Assign the order to an existing customer (in ShipWorks) by clicking the Select... hyperlink or use the second option to create a new customer. 

Example 1.3: Assigning your manual order to an existing or new customer.

4. Specify how the order numbers should be assigned. By default, ShipWorks will create manual orders starting with 1-M (M for "manual"). Click "Next". 

Example 1.4: Options for formatting your order number. 

5. Input the billing and shipping addresses and click "Next". 

Example 1.5: Entering your billing / shipping address. 

6. Enter your order's details, like Item, Charges (tax, shipping, insurance), notes related to an order (internal or external), local status (shipped, not shipped), and requested shipping method (if applicable). Click "Finish".

Example 1.6: Entering your order's details. 

7, Your order will now appear in the" Main Order Grid" window. You can make modifications to your order by right-clicking and selecting "Edit Order" or process it by right-clicking and selecting "Ship Orders". 

Example 1.7: Right-clicking your order allows you to modify or process your manual order.