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ShipWorks makes it easy to ship your orders.  You can quickly ship your orders by using the Shipping Panel (v5.2 or greater).  You can also ship your orders by using the Ship Orders screen which gives you access to more options when shipping your orders with your connected shipping provider(s) than the Shipping Panel offers, including batch processing.

This article will guide you through how to load an order onto the Ship Orders screen, how to configure your shipment and how to generate a shipping label.

First Things First

This article assumes the following:

1.  You have ShipWorks installed.

2.  You have at least one store and one shipping provider connected to the ShipWorks software.

3.  You have at least one order downloaded into ShipWorks from your online store.

4.  That you are shipping using Batch Grid Mode in ShipWorks.  For information on shipping using Order Lookup Mode, please see this article.

The Process


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1.  In ShipWorks, select an order by either clicking on the order or by checking the checkbox to the left of the order.(shown highlighted in blue below).

2. You can load the order onto the Ship Orders screen a few different ways:

a.  You can right click on the order and select the Ship Orders option from the shortcut menu.

b.  You can click on the Home tab and then click on the Ship Orders button.

c.  From the Shipping Panel, click the blue link Click Here to use the Ship Orders dialog.

Right Clicking
Home > Ship Orders
The Shipping Panel

3. On the Ship Orders screen, select your shipping provider from the Provider: drop-down menu. 

Did you know that you can automate this process by setting up default shipping providers based on shipping profiles?

4. You can expand or collapse any section within the Ship Orders screen by clicking on the double arrows located to the right of each section.  In this example, we have expanded the Shipment Details section. 

5.  Next, modify any settings, such as weight, dimensions, etc., that need to be updated for your shipment.  Remember, you can modify the To address, From address, Return shipment options, and many other settings by expanding the appropriate sections on the Ship Orders screen.

6. Notice that as you modify the settings on the Ship Orders screen, the Rates panel automatically refreshes to show the correct rate for your current settings.

7.  Once all of your settings are correct, click on the Create Label button to generate the shipping label.  The label will print to the printer you have configured.


8. Once finished, click Close to return to the main orders grid.

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Still Need Help?

Please feel free to reach out to one of our awesome Customer Care Representatives in St. Louis.  We are happy to help.