You can have your UPS Negotiated Rates displayed in ShipWorks, with all versions of ShipWorks 3.5 and above. To upgrade your version of ShipWorks click here

To display your UPS Negotiated Rates in ShipWorks, you must validate your account by providing information from a PDF invoice received within the last 45 days. 

The Process

1,. Go to Manage > Shipping Settings, then select UPS and click the Edit button.

2. Select the Rates tab on your "UPS Account" window, then select Negotiated (Account Based Rates) for Rate Type.

3.  Enter your invoice number, invoice date, invoice amount, and control ID. You can locate these items from the downloadable PDF version of your invoice. 

4. Click "OK" to save changes. Click "Close". Your UPS negotiated rates should now display in ShipWorks. 

What Now

Need more help? Watch the video below or ask us a question and one of our customer support people in St. Louis will get back to you. 

Video Walk-Through