International orders are processed much like domestic orders. When you enter an international shipping address, a customs tab will appear in ShipWorks so that you can enter or verify the information necessary for customs forms. ShipWorks will then print the customs forms, when required, along with the shipping label.

This article will guide you through processing an International order using the Ship Orders screen.

First Things First

This article assumes that you have ShipWorks installed, have at least one international order, and that you are logged into ShipWorks as a user with shipping privileges.

The Process

1. Select the order you wish to ship.  Then, right-click it and choose Ship Orders (or click the Home tab and then the  Ship Orders button).



2. Notice that since the customer's address is international, there is a Customs tab in the Ship Orders screen. Notice also that the To address indicates it is an international address and that the Service drop-down menu displays only international shipping services.


3. Click the Customs tab to open it and verify that all information is entered correctly.

Things to Consider
1.  It is important that the sum of the unit weights of each item on the Customs tab add up to the total weight shown on the Service tab for the package. If you have multiple quantities of one item, be sure to enter the weight of ONE unit on the Customs tab.  ShipWorks will do the math for you and sum the total weight.  In fact, if you enter the weights on the Customs tab first, ShipWorks will automatically populate the correct total weight on the Service tab for you.

2.  When entering the Value of an item on the Customs tab, enter the value of a single item even if the quantity is greater than 1.  Again, ShipWorks will do the math for you and sum the total value in the Value field.



4. Select the Service tab.  Then, in the To: section, verify that the address is complete.  International addresses cannot be validated. It doesn't matter if the Require full address validation is checked or not because this validation cannot be performed.


5. Expand the Shipment Details section and verify that the shipment is configured correctly.

6. Click Create Label. The label, along with any required customs forms, will print.

Still Need Help?

Please feel free to reach out to one of our awesome Customer Care representatives in St. Louis. We are happy to assist you.