After adjusting any printing settings, you must process a new shipment to test your changes. This is to send a new request to your postage provider's label server, downloading a new label, and allowing you to troubleshoot the process further. 

Important: When troubleshooting your printing setup, you must not simply reprint an old shipment. This will not reflect the new changes.

The Process

1. Right-click an order on the “Main Order Grid” screen and click “Ship Orders”.

Example 1.1: Right-clicking an order on your “Main Order Grid” screen.  

2. Select a shipment on the left-side of the “Ship Orders” screen, select a shipping provider (if applicable), and modify any shipment details.

Example 1.2: Selecting a shipment. 

3. Click “Process” to process your shipment. 

Example 1.3: Processing your shipment. 

4. When your shipment is processed successfully, it will show a green check box next to it. 

Example 1.4: A successfully processed shipment. 

Actions and automatic printing: If you have an automatic action set for printing labels, your labels will print out immediately the shipment was successfully processed. 

To manually print a label: If you don’t have an action set to automatically print your labels, and you’ve processed a shipment successfully, close the “Ship Orders” screen. Right-click your processed order, and navigate to Print > Labels > select your label template (Standard / Thermal)

Example 1.5: Manually printing a label.  

5. If your label did not print (or if you entered the wrong information), you will need to click “Void” for shipment to be cancelled and for the shipment to be recredited to your account. 

Example 1.6: Confirming that you wish to void your shipment.  

A successfully voided shipment will show a yellow exclamation point next to it. 

Example 1.7: Successfully voided shipments.  

7. After the labels are voided, you can walk through the steps, reprocess a shipment, and try to print a label again. 

Still Need Help?

Please feel free to reach out to one of our awesome Customer Care Representatives in St. Louis.  We are happy to help.