You'll use the Standard label format for return labels so you can email them to the customer, because you cannot email thermal labels. If you normally print thermal labels, no worries - you'll just manually change to the Standard label option when creating the return label (see step 1 below). After you have the return label created, you can compose an email with the Standard label in it, write your message to the customer and send it off. 

NOTE: If you're using FedEx or UPS, you will likely not need to email the label through ShipWorks for the return shipment.  With FedEx and UPS, there is an "Email Return to Customer" option that can be chosen in the "Return Shipment" section of the shipping information tab when creating the return label. This email is generated by the carrier, and is not editable in ShipWorks. 

Creating and Emailing a Return Label Step by Step

1. In ShipWorks, select the order to be returned and then either click the Home tab > Ship Orders or right-click on the order and choose Ship Orders.     

2. Use "Copy as Return" to copy the original order and create a return label. When reviewing the service and label info, be sure to select the Standard label in Label Options. 

If you can't select "Copy as Return" select "Copy" and refer to the return instructions specific to the shipping carrier being used:

     FedEx Return Labels 

     iParcel Return Labels 

     OnTrac Return Labels

     UPS Return Labels

     USPS Return Labels

     Other Return Labels

3. After you've processed a return shipment with your chosen shipping provider, right-click the order with the label you want to send and select Compose Email > Labels > Standard.

4. On the "Compose Email" screen, enter your recipient's email address and modify the subject line (if necessary). Add a brief message to the body of your email (if desired) and then click "Send". You'll notice that both the original label and the return label are included in this email. 

Note: If you would like to include only the return label, you can create a new label template customized to show only the return label, and then you can choose that template in step 2 above.  

5. You can confirm that the email was sent in the Emails panel of ShipWorks. To display the Emails panel, click View > Show Panels > Email. (When you're done viewing the panel, just click the X in the upper right corner to hide it again).   

Still Need Help?

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