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Many people inquire about using memo fields / reference fields / or rubber stamps. These fields allow you to include additional information on your labels, like an order number, reference number, or invoice number.  

To see what kind of information you can put in these fields, see our article on commonly used values for modifications.  This article will help you find the memo, reference, or rubber stamp field section of each shipping provider. 

The Process

On the Ship Orders Screen

Memo, reference, and rubber stamp fields are only available on the Ship Orders screen and not available in the Shipping panel.

1.  Click on the Home tab and then on the Ship Orders button.

2.  Select the shipping provider with which you wish to process a shipping label.  Then, scroll down and locate the correct section based upon the below information.

FedEx: Found under the Signature & Reference section. 

UPS: Found under the Options and Reference section. 


USPS (Express1): Found under the Rubber Stamps section. 


USPS ( Found under the Shipment Details section. 

Setting as a Default

It is possible to set a memo, rubber stamp or reference field as a default.  Here's how:

1.  Click on the Manage tab and then on the Shipping Settings button.

2.  Select the shipping provider from the list of provider on the left of the Shipping Settings screen. (for this example we will use USPS)

3.  Click on the blue link Defaults - (your shipping provider) to open the default Shipping Profile screen.

4.  Locate the memo, reference or rubber stamp fields based upon the below information.

USPS:  Located under the Shipment section.

USPS Express1: Located in the Rubber Stamps section.

FedEx: Located in the Options section.

UPS: Located in the Options section.

5.  Click OK on the Shipping Profile screen.  Then, click Close.

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