Deleting a store in ShipWorks entirely removes your store's data from ShipWorks. This is a good option if you never plan on accessing your records again. If you don't currently use your store, but still want to see the store's information, consider disabling your store instead.   Please note: Until you cancel your license, you will still be charged a monthly fee for your ShipWorks license. 

The Process

Detailed steps below video.

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1. In ShipWorks, click on the Manage tab and then on the Stores button.

2. On the Manage Stores screen, select the store you want to delete. In this example, we're deleting a 3D Cart store. Click Delete.


3. Enable the check box and click the Delete button. This will permanently delete all store data associated with your store, including customers, orders, and shipments.

4. Your store (and its' customers and orders) will no longer appear in ShipWorks and can no longer be accessed. Click Close.

Still Need Help?

Feel free to reach out to one of our awesome Customer service representatives in St. Louis.  We are happy to help.