*This is a legacy article intended for users connecting ShipWorks to Magento with the php Module. These instructions are not applicable to Magento Connect. Using Magento Connect is recommended.

To modify the Magento integration to pull custom attributes, you will need to find how your attribute is listed on your Magento administration page and then edit the ShipWorks3.php file. (You can download this here if you click the "Download Magento Module" link). These instructions assume familiarity with FTP and uploading a file to your server. If you are not familiar with how to access the bin location, please contact your resident geek or tech guru. 

Locating Your Attribute using the Magento Administration Settings

1. In Magento, go to Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes

2. Find the "Attribute Code" of the attribute you want to pull into ShipWorks. In this example, we're looking for bin_location. 

Editing Your ShipWorks3.php file

1. Open your shipworks3.php file (the file you placed on your server during your initial ShipWorks/Magento configuration) and navigate to the writeStartTag("Item ") section. 

2. Add the following line to the item section (for bin locations, your setup may differ): 

writeElement("Location", $product->getBinLocation());

Please note: The attribute code listed on your Magento page shows underscores as spaces. You will need to remove the underscores for your code to work properly. For example, we've used "getBinLocation" instead of "getBin_Location". For your needs, replace getBinLocation() with what your attribute code is minus the underscores. 

3. Save your file and upload the revised file to your server (rewriting any existing file, if necessary). Click "Download" in ShipWorks to connect to Magento and test how your information displays. Your information should appear in the ShipWorks "Main Order Grid" (see below).