When you try processing a UPS return shipment, you may receive an error message that says, "Missing or Invalid Notification/Notification Code." This usually means that you're trying to create a UPS return shipment with Quantum View Notification (QVN) enabled. 

Example 1.1: "Missing or Invalid Notification" error that may occur during UPS return shipments. 

To proceed, you will need to turn off Quantum View Notification for your shipment:

1. Right-click your order and select "Ship Orders". (Or go to  Home > Ship Orders.) This takes you to where you will create your return shipment.

Example 1.2: Navigating to your "Ship Orders" screen.

2. On your "Ship Orders" window, go to your shipment details section (right-hand side). Look for a section called "Quantum View Notify" and make sure that all boxes are blank.

Example 1.3: Disabling QVN from applying to your shipment.

3. After turning off QVN, try processing your shipment as a return shipment as normal.

Example 1.4: A successfully processed UPS return shipment.