Usually when you add your shipping carrier account to ShipWorks, you'll have a Task set up to send email notifications to customers upon shipment of an order. There are at least two reasons you might want to disable the Email Notifications Task.

  • Some online store/marketplaces have restrictions on emails sent to your customers, so you'll need to disable this Task. 
  • You may wish to configure the Email notification as an Action instead of as a shipping Task. 

You can disable this notification feature via the Shipping Settings tab for each shipping carrier that you use. 

Step-By-Step: Disabling the E-mail Notification Task

1. In ShipWorks, go to Manage > Shipping Settings

2. Select a shipping carrier and navigate to the Tasks tab. 

3. Uncheck the Automatically send an email after processing option. 

4. Repeat these steps for every shipping carrier you use in ShipWorks and click Close. 

If disabling this task in Shipping Settings does not stop email notifications, it is possible that you have an Action set up to send email notifications when certain activities occur. If that's the case, you can disable email notification Actions. If you're shipping with UPS, also make sure you disable UPS Quantum View Notify for your shipment. 

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