Setting the BigCommerce User Permissions

Creating the BigCommerce Legacy API User

Adding BigCommerce to ShipWorks
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Before you set up your Bigcommerce in ShipWorks, you need to obtain your Bigcommerce API Path, API Username, and API Token from Bigcommerce. You'll do that by enabling a Bigcommerce user with the permissions needed to connect ShipWorks to BigCommerce.

This article will cover:

1.  Updating the BigCommerce user permissions.

2.  Creating a BigCommerce API legacy ID.

3.  Connecting ShipWorks to the BigCommerce legacy API. 

First Things First

If you are on ShipWorks version 5.13 or later, we recommend that you connect to BigCommerce using the OAuth API.  Please use this article to add your BigCommerce store to ShipWorks.

In order to connect ShipWorks to BigCommerce you will need to have the following items available to you:

1.  Your BigCommerce administrator login information.

2.  Access to ShipWorks with administrator rights.

The Process

Setting the BigCommerce User Permissions

1. Log in to your Bigcommerce Online Store Manager at  (replace "yourstore" in this example with the name of your online store).


2.  Once you have logged in, on the left side of the BigCommerce control panel, click on Account Settings and then click Users.


3. On the View Users screen, click on the e9oP_-sPpGt7UtGRZUKDAUrY3BCFvQ0BgQ.pngicon located to the right of the user for which you wish to modify the permissions, under Action.  Then, click Edit.



4. Scroll down to Permissions and be sure the following permissions are selected: 

  • Sales Staff Permissions - Manager Orders 
  • Sales Staff Permissions - Edit Orders 
  • Sales Manager Permissions - Manage Products. 

(Do not click Save yet)


Creating the Legacy API User

5. Scroll down and locate "Looking for API accounts? You can find them by navigating to Setup & Tools, Legacy API Accounts. Go there now."  Click the Go there now link.


6. Click the Create a Legacy API Account button.


7. Enter the username ShipWorks.  Leave both the API Path and the API Token as they are.


8.  Click Save.


9.  We will need the API Path and the API Token for the API account we just created in the next steps.  So, click on the e9oP_-sPpGt7UtGRZUKDAUrY3BCFvQ0BgQ.pngicon to the right of the ShipWorks account and click Edit.


Add Your Bigcommerce Store to ShipWorks

1. Log into ShipWorks.  Then, click on the Manage tab, then click the Stores button, and then click Add Store.

2. From the What platform do you sell on? drop-down menu, select BigCommerce.

3. On the Store Setup screen, enter:

  • API Username - ShipWorks
  • API Path - Copy the path from your ShipWorks API account in BigCommerce.
  • API Token - Copy the token from your ShipWorks API account in BigCommerce.
Click Next.


Note: If you get an error message saying your API info is invalid, go back to your Bigcommerce store site and make sure that you saved the Legacy API account you created in step 7 above. This cannot work until that Legacy API Account is saved on your Bigcommerce site. 

4. On the BigCommerce Store Settings screen:

  • Weights are entered into BigCommerce as: - Select the unit of weight measure that you use in BigCommerce for your products.
    • Note:  If you are unsure, please go back to your BigCommerce store and double-check.  Selecting the wrong option may cause adverse effects in ShipWorks with how weights are displayed.
  • Check for modified or shipped orders: - It is recommended to leave the default settings.


5. Click, Next

6. Enter the requested information on the next few screens, clicking Next to proceed through the store wizard.

7. Review the text on the confirmation page, then click Finish.

Still Need Help?

Please feel free to reach out to one of our awesome Customer Care Representatives in St. Louis.  We are happy to help.