Updating your online shipment details will push information to your online cart, displaying to your customers (as necessary). Depending on the capabilities unique to your online cart(s), you can update online statuses (with or without comments) or upload your tracking number to your online marketplace. If you have filters set up to account for an online status, modifying these details might "trigger" your orders to display in another filter.

1. In ShipWorks, right-click the order(s) that you want to update.  Select Update Online > Upload Shipment Details.

Amazon Store

 Note: Amazon shows "Upload Shipment Details" under the "Update Online" option.

 Magento Store
  Note: Magento shows a way to update an online status (with or without comments).

2. Select your option (and press "OK" if prompted) and ShipWorks will send the information to your online marketplace.

Still Need Help?

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