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First Things First

The Process

Configure 3dcart to Connect to ShipWorks

Adding 3dcart to ShipWorks

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ShipWorks connects directly to your 3dcart account. With one click, or on an automated schedule, your orders are downloaded from 3dcart. As soon as you process a shipment, ShipWorks communicates the updated order status, shipping method and tracking information back to 3dcart.

First Things First

Before you set up your 3dcart store in ShipWorks you will need to setup and obtain connection information from within your 3dcart administration webpage.  To do so, you will need to be able to log into your 3dcart administration page.

The Process

Configuring 3dcart to Connect to ShipWorks

1. Log in to your 3dcart Administration webpage / Dashboard. Near the bottom of the 3dcart Dashboard navigation menu, click Modules.


2. In the search box type in the word Rest and then click the Search icon.

3. Find the REST API listing and click the Change Settings link (note you may need to click the Green Plus button to the left of the REST API listing to see the Change Settings link).


4. Click the + Add button near the top right.

5. Copy the below ShipWorks application Public Key to your clipboard (CTRL+C). Paste (CTRL+V) the copied value it into the 3dcart Public Key text box. Click the + Add button.

ShipWorks 3dcart Public Key



6. After clicking the + Add button a new webpage will open providing your 3dcart Token. Copy (CTRL+C) the 3dcart Token to your clipboard. You will need to input this value into the ShipWorks application.

Adding 3dcart to ShipWorks                     


7. Launch the ShipWorks application and log in using a user with administrative privileges.  Then, click on the Manage tab, then the Stores button and then the Add Store button.


8. Choose 3dcart from the drop-down menu. Click Next.



9. Input your website's Store URL, like or similar. Paste (CTRL+V) in the API Token value that you obtained in Step 6 above. Click Next.



10. Continue entering the information requested by the Setup Wizard, clicking Next to proceed to each next screen.



NOTE for ShipWorks version 5.1 or earlier users:

If you use ShipWorks 5.1 or earlier, you'll need to follow these directions to add your 3dcart store to ShipWorks: Click here.

Still Need Help?

Please feel free to reach out to one of our awesome Customer Care representatives in St. Louis. We are happy to assist you.