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The ShipWorks integration with FedEx allows for you to process shipping labels using the FedEx SmartPost service.  The SmartPost service requires a few FedEx options to be selected when processing SmartPost labels.  This article will cover how to process a SmartPost label and what options must be selected.


Prior to processing shipments using FedEx SmartPost, there are a few things that need to be configured:

a.  You will need to have your FedEx account added to ShipWorks.  If you do not, you can learn how to do so here.

b.  You will need to be sure that your FedEx account has been enabled for SmartPost.  If you need to enable your FedEx account for SmartPost, please reach out to your FedEx representative to assist you.


c.  You will need to configure your FedEx account in ShipWorks with a HUB ID in order to activate the SmartPost shipping options.  If you have not done so, you can learn how to do so here.

Shipping with FedEx SmartPost

v5.2 or Greater - Using the Shipping Panel

ShipWorks gives you the ability to process SmartPost labels from the Shipping panel.  However, we recommend that you create a SmartPost shipping profile so that you can easily apply the default settings required using the Shipping panel and Shipping tab.  To learn how, see this article:  Creating a Shipping Profile for FedEx SmartPost.

Using the Ship Orders Screen

1.  Select the order for which you wish to process a SmartPost label.  

Hint:  You can easily find the order if you know the order number or the customer's first or last name by using the Search All Orders box at the top of the ShipWorks application.


2.  Load the selected order onto the Ship Orders screen by clicking on the Home tab and then the Ship Orders button.

3.  On the Ship Orders screen, select FedEx as the shipping provider from the Provider drop-down menu.

4.  On the Ship Orders screen, scroll down to the Shipment Details section and select FedEx SmartPost as the Service.  Hint: You can expand the Shipment Details section, if needed, by clicking on the double arrows to the right of the Shipment Details section.  ( ).

5.  Enter the correct Packaging, Weight,  Dimensions and any other needed information related to your shipment.

One thing to note is that FedEx requires that the dimensions for a SmartPost shipment be at least 6" L X 4" W X 1" H.

6.  Scroll down to the FedEx SmartPost section of the Ship Orders screen and, if needed, expand it so that you can see the available options.

7.  Select the appropriate options:

a.  (optional)  Hub ID - If you have more than one HUB ID select the ID you wish to use in this set of defaults.

b.  Indicia - Check the box to the left of the Inidica option and then select  the appropriate option from the Indicia drop-down menu.  Typically you will select FedEx SmartPost Parcel Select for packages greater than 1 pound and FedEx SmartPost Parcel Select Light for packages weighing under a pound.

c.  Ancillary - If you need to add an ancillary service to your SmartPost shipments you can select the service from the Ancillary drop-down menu.

d.  USPS Delivery Confirmation - Select this option if you wish for a USPS Delivery Confirmation to be the default for this profile. 

e.  Manifest ID - Check the box to the left of Manifest ID.  There are default options available to you by clicking on the drop-down arrow to the right of the Manifest ID field.

8.  Once you are finished selecting the appropriate options you can click on Create Label to generate your SmartPost shipping label.

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