This article discusses how to perform the Close procedure for FedEx Ground shipments. After following these instructions, you should be able to create a FedEx Ground Close Manifest Report (a report containing information about your FedEx Ground shipments that were processed during the last 24 hours). 

Follow these steps after you’ve finished processing your final FedEx Ground shipment for the day. If you process more shipments after creating the manifest, you will need to repeat the end of day process to include the new shipments. 

Important: You must submit a copy of the (most up-to-date) manifest report to the FedEx Ground driver during shipment pickup.

The Process:

1. In ShipWorks, go to Home > FedEx Close.

2. Select Ground Close.  (This generates a manifest report that includes all FedEx Ground shipments generated during the last 24 hours.)

Example 1.1: This image shows how to navigate to the Ground Close option.

3. The report prints automatically. However, if you need to reprint the report for any reason, see Printing a FedEx Manifest Report.

What Now

After you print your report, give a copy to your FedEx Ground driver during shipment pickup.

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