SmartPost Close does not generate any reports to be printed (it is not necessary to provide your FedEx driver with this information). However, if you want to manually generate a SmartPost Close Report, you will need to (1) create a filter to "see" your SmartPost shipments and (2) export the information using a ShipWorks template. Templates format your data in an easy-to-read way, either in an email to customers, invoices, packing slips, or reports. If you navigate to Manage > Templates, you can see all of the default templates ShipWorks has available. 

The Process

Creating Your SmartPost End of Day Filter

1. Navigate to Manage > Filters

2. Click the New Filter button.

3. Name the filter something relevant, like "FedEx SmartPost Processed Today" and click Next.

4. Recreate the filter below and click Next

     (1) Click the green Add Condition button > Click Order Total > select For Any > Shipment.

     (2) Click the green Add Condition button > Click the blue Provider link > Select FedEx > Service > Select FedEx SmartPost from the drop-down menu

     (3) Click the green Add Condition button > Click the blue Provider link > Select Processed Date > Click Equals > Select Is Today.

Example 1.1: This is an example of filter conditions that "see" any FedEx SmartPost shipment processed today. 

5. Modify any column headings you want to display. Click Finish

6. Proceed to the next section to print the report. 

Printing the end of day report for SmartPost shipments

1. Select all orders (Ctrl + A) in your FedEx SmartPost end of day filter. 

2. Right-click on your orders and select Print > Reports > Financials > Shipping Profit and Loss.

Example 1.2: Select the Shipping Profit and Loss template to print a report with your SurePost shipment information. 

3. Select your printer (from the drop-down menu) and click “Print”.

4. Your "Shipping Profit and Loss" report will now print.The total number of orders is displayed at the top of the page. 

What Now

You should now have a copy of your SmartPost shipments processed at the end of the day. 

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