This article discusses how to perform the Close process for FedEx SmartPost shipments (SmartPost shipments processed in the last 24 hours). A SmartPost Close must be performed in order for the FedEx system to become aware of the package before it is scanned at the SmartPost facility.

Although you can perform this procedure at any time of day, it is recommended that you perform this procedure at the end of the day. Use the Close procedure to initiate the final stage of processing all shipment data for the day (close of business). 

Important: The SmartPost Close process does not generate a printable manifest, since you do not need to provide your FedEx representative with this information. If for some reason, you would like to create a FedEx SmartPost end of day report, please follow these instructions.

1. In ShipWorks Batch Grid Mode, go to Home > FedEx Close.  (In Order Lookup Mode, click on Shipping History, then on FedEx Close.)

2. Select SmartPost Close.  (This generates a manifest report that includes all FedEx Ground shipments generated during the last 24 hours.)

1 - Batch Grid Mode

2 - Order Lookup Mode

3. A dialog box appears informing you when the process is successful.

What Now

After you've completed the SmartPost Close procedure, you can resume any other tasks you need to complete before the end of day. 

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