Sometimes actions get set up more than once, or in more than one area of ShipWorks and then you find them running twice. If you find this happening, you should check the Action Manager and the Tasks setting for a Shipping Carrier to see if any action settings have been duplicated. 

Checking for Duplicate Actions In Your Action Manager

1. Go to Manage > Actions

2. Check to see if there are any items with the same "run when" and "tasks". In this example, we see two items performing "upload shipment details (ChannelAdvisor)". 


3. Select one of the duplicate actions and click Edit. After making note of its configuration, click OK

4. Select the second duplicate action and click Edit. After making note of its configuration, click OK

5. If you are fairly confident that the two are performing the same function (because their configuration is identical), click Delete.

6. Click Close to exit.

7. Process a shipment as normal. If your action is still performing twice, continue to the next section. 

Checking for Duplicate Actions Under Tasks

1. Go to Manage > Shipping Settings and select the shipping carrier. 

2. Select the Tasks tab. 

3. Under the Local Status heading, disable the two options (highlighted). If selected, it automatically attempts to update your online status after processing for successfully shipped or voided shipments.

4. Click Close to save changes.

5. Process a shipment as normal. 

Still Need Help?

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