You may wish to customize the subject line of any emails sent to your customers from the ShipWorks software.  This article will guide you through how to customize the email subject line.

First Things First

Please note: You will need to know what template you're using to send an email. Unless you've customized your set up, you would be using the following templates:

For automatic email notifications, you would be using the Shipment Notification email template. 

For emailing labels, you would be using the Standard label template. 

The Process

Detailed instructions after the video.

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1. In ShipWorks, go to Manage > Templates.

2. Select the template you would like to modify and click Edit. In this example, we will be modifying the Shipment Notification email template. (By default, this is the template that is used to send out tracking information to your customer,)

3.  Click the Settings tab.

4. Select Email from the left-side menu. 

5. Type your message into the subject line text-box. 

6. Click Save to save the changes, and then click Close

What Now

Test your settings by right-clicking an order, and select Compose Email > Select your modified email template. A Compose Email box should display, with the subject line reflecting the changes. 

Still Need Help?

Please feel free to reach out to one of our awesome Customer Care Representatives in St. Louis. We are happy to help.