Before printing out a report, you can generate a preview of the report directly from the ShipWorks program. This article will guide you through how to generate a preview of a report as well as how to print the report.

The Process

1. In ShipWorks, Select the orders you want included in the report.

Note:  You can select orders in ShipWorks several ways:

a.  Pressing CTRL + A selects all of the orders in the current view.

b.  Holding the Shift key while selecting the first and last orders in the group select all of the orders between the first and last order.

c.  Holding CTRL while clicking on orders allows you to select orders that are not grouped together. 

2. Right-click the selected orders and select Preview > Report > Select a Report (located in the Exports, Financials, or Product Trends folders).

3. ShipWorks will generate a preview of your selected template. In this example, we have selected the Items by Amount template. You can either print the report by clicking the Print button at the top left of the screen, or close the screen by clicking the X (left-side of the window).

Still Need Help?

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