This article explains how to manually print one report.  If you want to automatically print a report based on a certain action (like at a scheduled time), you can automate this in the Actions section of ShipWorks.

There are two manual print options:

  • Print: The Print option allows you to select a printer for your report every time you use this option.
  • Quick Print: The Quick Print  option uses the default printer for your template and will not prompt you to select a printer (unless one is not specified).

First Things First

In ShipWorks, you will need to select a default printer for your report template, go to Manage >Templates >Select Your Template > Edit > Settings tab > Printing. Use the drop-down menu to select the printer for your template and click Save and Close.

The Process

1. In ShipWorks, select the orders you want included in your report. To select multiple orders, hold CTRL while choosing your orders. To select all orders, hold CTRL + A.

2. Right-click your orders and select Print > Reports > Select Your Template. To use tax reports, select Reports > Financials > Order Charges Breakdown

3. Select your printer from the list and modify any other settings (like the Page Setup or the number of copies). Click Print.

4. Your report should now print out of your chosen printer. 

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