Using Express1 is a great option for many online retailers. Express1 allows online retailers to get discounted rates, without having to produce a lot of volume (or sign a contract promising to produce a certain amount of shipments). To add an existing Express1 account to ShipWorks you will need to complete two processes: importing your existing Express1 account (into ShipWorks) and modifying your Express1 Settings.

First Things First

This article assumes that you have access to your Express1 account number and password. If you're unsure what these credentials are, please call Express1 at 1-800-399-3971 to retrieve your account information. 

If you don't have an Express1 account and need to register for one, please see our documentation here

The Process

Adding Your Express1 Account into ShipWorks

1. In ShipWorks, go to Manage > Shipping Settings > USPS (Express1) > Setup.


2. On the Setup Express1 Shipping screen, select Use an Existing Express1 Account and click Next.

3. Enter the address you want associated with your Express1 account in ShipWorks. This information will display as your origin address (on labels) when you use your Express1 account. You can always edit this information later by navigating to Manage > Shipping Settings > Express1 > Select Your Account > Edit.

4. Enter the Express1 account number and password you received from Express1 (when you registered with them). Click Next

5. If needed, click Buy Postage to add postage to your account.  Then, click Finish

6. On the Settings tab (Manage > Shipping Settings > USPS (Express1) > Settings tab), modify your settings and click Next

    (a) Select if your labels will be printing with a thermal printer (if applicable) and use the drop-down method to select the thermal type. If you are printing with a standard printer, leave the checkbox blank.

    (b) If you are shipping internationally, you can enable the electronic signature for customs declarations by enabling the I certify that my customs declarations are correct option and inputting your name . This will apply your electronic signature for every international shipment through Express1. 

    (c) Enable the checkbox if your Express1 account is authorized to process all mail classes. For more information about enabling this option on your account, please contact Express1 directly at 1-800-399-3971 for more information. 

7. Select the Shipments tab and click the Defaults - USPS (Express1) link to select defaults to be applied to every Express1 shipment (including specifying an origin address, hiding postage, using a specific service, insurance, and so on). Under the Additional Defaults section, click Add Rule and use filters to apply additional rules to specific orders

8. Select the Printing tab, modify your printing setup.

   (a) Verify that the Automatically Print Labels After Processing checkbox  is enabled in order to apply that setting to your Express1 shipments. If this option is enabled, your labels will automatically print when you click the Process (or Process All) button (Home > Ship Orders). If you would like to manually print your labels, disable the checkbox. 

   (b) Unless you want a custom print setup using other templates, we recommend keeping the default printing rules in Example 1.6:

      If the shipment is in Thermal (filter), print with Thermal (label template).

     Otherwise, always print with Standard (label template). 

9.Select the Tasks tab and modify settings associated with your Express1 account. 

   (a)  Click the Email Accounts button to configure an email account to use in ShipWorks. (ShipWorks can use these email settings to automatically send emails with shipment details to your customers.)

   (b) Use the drop-down menu to modify the order status you want to apply to your order after processing / voiding. Please note: Local Status is a value that is only used within ShipWorks, and never uploaded to your online cart. ShipWorks uses these statuses to direct the workflow of your shipments (shipped, voided, backordered). Local status is not the same as online status (the customer-facing information that appears in your online cart). Unless you have an elaborate custom setup, we recommend using the default settings.

10. Click Close to save changes. 

Still Need Help?

Please feel free to reach out to one of our awesome Customer Care Representatives in St. Louis.  We are happy to help.