ShipWorks 3.7 and above 

You can display store icons next to relevant fields (like Order #, Store Name, or Store Type), so you can easily identify orders from one store versus another.  In Figure 1, you can see icons that help distinguish three stores: a Bigcommerce, an Amazon, and an eBay store. The following instructions will walk you through enabling (or disabling) these icons in your grid display. 


1. In ShipWorks, right-click a column heading on your Orders grid. You will see a Column Order and Visibility box pop up.

2. On the Column Order and Visibility box, click the Edit button.

Figure 3

3. Select the column where you want the store icon to show. Store Icons can appear in the following fields: Order Number, Store Name, Store Type, and some cart-specific fields (like Amazon Order Number). In this example, we have selected Order #. 

4. Enable / Disable the "Show store icon" option by selecting or deselecting the checkbox. In the example below, the store icon is enabled and the icons are visible on the main screen. To disable the icons, verify that the checkbox is blank. Repeat steps 3 and 4 with each field where you want to enable / disable the store icons. 

5. Click OK to save and apply the changes. 

You can do the same with your shipping provider's icon.

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