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There are two ways that you can look for orders in ShipWorks that are eligible for eBay's Global Shipping Program (GSP). The first method uses columns on the ShipWorks grid display to sort on the Eligible for GSP field. The second method creates a filter that will look for orders downloaded into ShipWorks (from eBay) that are GSP eligible. 

First Things First

These instructions assume that you have a functioning eBay store already added to your ShipWorks setup.  These instructions also assume that you have signed up for the Global Shipping Program with eBay.  

The Process

Using the Column Headings

1. In ShipWorks, right-click the column headings (highlighted) of your filter. In this example, we're using the Ready to Ship filter's columns (located in the eBay folder). A Columns to Use screen appears.

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2. Use the scroll bar to find the Eligible for GSP (eBay) checkbox. 

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3. Enable the checkbox (if it isn't checked) and click the Move Up button to adjust the position of the column on your main screen. In this example, we've used the Move Up button to position the Eligible for GSP column between the Sales Record # column and the (Order) Date column.

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4. When satisfied, click outside the Columns to Use window to close it and save the changes.


5. Double-click the Eligible for GSP column to sort the list. An arrow appears in the column heading. An arrow pointing up means that the list is sorted alphabetically. An arrow pointing down means the list is sorted reverse alphabetically. This will allow you to see any orders that are Eligible for GSP. With this particular example, this allows you to see any orders in the Ready to Ship filter that are Eligible for GSP. 

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Creating a GSP Eligible Filter

1. In ShipWorks, go to Manage > Filters.

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2. On the Filter Organizer screen, select New Filter

3. Use the textbox to name your filter and click Next

4. Click the green Add Condition button (  ). A conditional line appears. 


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5. Modify the filter conditions to reflect the following:

5.1  Click on the blue link Order Total.  Then, from the drop-down menu select Order > eBay Eligible for GSP

5.2  Leave Equals as-is.

5.3  Use the drop-down menu to select Yes.

Your filter's condition should look like the example below.

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This filter will show all orders that are eligible for eBay's Global Shipping Program, regardless of when they were downloaded into ShipWorks. 

6. You may want to make additional modifications to your filter (by adding other conditions to the filter). For example, you may wish to see only those orders for which you have not processed a shipment.  Here's how: 

6.1  Click the Add Condition (  ) button again.

6.2  Click on the blue text Order Total and select Order > Local Status.

6.3  Great!  Now click on the green text Equals and select Does Not Equal.

6.4  Now, click on the drop-down menu to the right of Does Not Equal and select Shipped.

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7. When satisfied with your filter's conditions, click Next.

8. As an option, you may wish to select Grid Columns specific to this filter so that when you select it and view the orders, only information specific to your GSP orders is displayed.  To select columns specific to this filter:

8.1  On the Grid Columns screen, select the option for Use this filter's own column settings..

8.2  In the Column Order and Visibility section, check or uncheck the box to the left of each column title to show or hide any columns you wish.  You may also choose to reorder the columns by using the Move Up or  Move Down buttons.

9.  When you are finished with step 8, click Finish.  Then, click Close.

You now have a filter in the Filters Panel that you can select to view only your eBay GSP orders.

What Now

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