The ShipWorks interface is user friendly from the start, but is also highly configurable. If you'd like information about how to customize your ShipWorks display, you can see Configuring the ShipWorks Display or Moving Panels in the ShipWorks Window.


If you would ever like to undo any display configurations you've made, you can easily reset to the default configuration. This article shows you how to do just that, in just a few mouse-clicks! 

The default display includes the panels shown here:

1) Orders - displays a list of all orders, with columns configured to your preference

2) Filters - a list of all Filters set up in your ShipWorks, including all default Filters and any Filters you have configured, but no Quick Filters

3) Notes - displays any notes that have been written for the highlighted order, and an option to Add Notes

4) Items - displays the items included in the highlighted order, with columns configured to your preference

5) Charges - displays the charges for the highlighted order (shipping, taxes, insurance, etc.), with columns configured to your preference

6) Shipping - provides the capability for the user to quickly process individual shipments

7) Rates - displays the rates associated with the properties selected in the Shipping panel


Resetting to the Default Panel Display 

1. In ShipWorks, navigate to View > Reset



2. On the dialog box that appears, select Ribbon and Panels, and then click the Reset button.


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