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Check the Shipping Provider and Class Code
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If you're using ChannelAdvisor with ShipWorks, you might see an error message like the one below (Example 1.1). This simply means that your shipment details (postage provider, service, and tracking number) didn't update to your ChannelAdvisor storefront. You will need to take the additional steps (outlined below) for ShipWorks to properly send this information to ChannelAdvisor.

Don't worry. This is only a one time process. You shouldn't have to configure these options every time you use ShipWorks. Repeat these steps only if you change postage providers or services that aren't natively supported by ChannelAdvisor. 

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First Things First

These instructions assume that you have a ChannelAdvisor store set up in ShipWorks (and that you've already downloaded orders into ShipWorks). 

Enabling Your Shipping Provider on Channel Advisor

If you're using a commonly supported shipping method (from FedEx, UPS, USPS, and so on), you will likely only need to enable your carrier and service using ChannelAdvisor's control panel

1. Log on to the ChannelAdvisor control panel, using your ChannelAdvisor username and password.

2. If you have more than one ChannelAdvisor marketplace enabled, you will need to select an account before proceeding (and then repeat the steps below for each marketplace you use with ShipWorks). 

3. Once in the ChannelAdvisor control panel, navigate to Sales > Shipping > Account Shipping Carriers. 

4. Select your shipping carrier and method from the Disabled list (left-side menu). To select more than one at a time, hold down CTRL while clicking each option. 

5. After selecting your shipping provider(s) and method(s), click Add. If you want to add all of the shipping carriers, click All. More information about this can be found on ChannelAdvisor's How To page. 

6. Verify that the shipping carrier(s) and method(s) appear at the bottom of the Enabled list on the right-side menu. Click the Save Changes button.

Check the Shipping Carrier and Class Code

If you receive an error message regarding shipment details failing to update, follow the steps below to configure and add a custom shipping value to ChannelAdvisor.

1. Locate a ChannelAdvisor order in ShipWorks and process it as normal or make sure you have an already-processed order. 

2. Right-click your order and click Update Online > Upload Shipment Details. This sends a message (called a request) with shipment information to ChannelAdvisor, and then ChannelAdvisor sends a message (called a response) back to ShipWorks. 

3. Navigate to Manage > Options.

4. Select Logging from the left-side menu and click the View Current link.

5. Open your ChannelAdvisor folder.

6. Locate and open the file called OrderShipped - (Request). (The date/time associated with the file should match the time when you processed your ChannelAdvisor order).

7. Locate the carrier code and class code information. It will look like this: <carrierCode>UPS</carrierCode> <classCode>GROUND</classCode>  In this example, UPS Ground is the carrier and service used. Your file will have the carrier and service name that was actually used for the shipment. 

8. Follow the steps above to navigate to the ChannelAdvisor shipping carrier screen. Enter the carrier code and class code information and click Add

Troubleshooting Tip 
The carrier code and class code information is case-sensitive, so you will need to enter it EXACTLY how it appears in your OrderShipped - (Request) file. 

What Now

Your carrier and class will now display in alphabetical order on the Enabled list (right side). Repeat these steps for any other carrier methods that are not updating properly. When finished, you are now ready to update shipment details again in ShipWorks. 

Still Need Help?

Please feel free to reach out to one of our awesome Customer Care Representatives in St. Louis. We are happy to help.