Most typical USB scales work with ShipWorks. ShipWorks uses Microsoft Windows' HID (Human Interface Device) technology to obtain data from the scale. This is geek-speak for: if the scale works in Windows, it should work in ShipWorks. (We can't vouch for all scale manufacturers though, so you might want to make sure that the store where you buy the scale has a good return policy, just in case). This also means that there is nothing to configure in ShipWorks when using a scale. If you have a USB scale properly installed in Windows (with the necessary drivers, etc.),ShipWorks will automatically detect the scale and read from it. 

Using a Scale

1. After setting up your scale in Windows, open ShipWorks. 

2. Select an order you want to add weight to, right-click it, and select Ship Orders

3, If you haven't already done so, place your item on your scale. 

4. Under the Shipment Details section, click the Shipping Box icon. This will communicate with your scale and input the weight into ShipWorks.

5. Modify any other details and click Create Label to process your shipment.

What Now

Need more help? Ask us a question and one of our customer support people in St. Louis will get back to you.