If you'd like to stop applying previously used shipping settings on future shipments, you can simply reset ShipSense, and it will begin anew gathering shipping information to apply to future shipments.

This is often helpful after you make a change to your shipping process or to the packaging you use, so the old data would not create good defaults anymore. When you reset ShipSense, all of the previous data is removed, so you can start from scratch. If you later decide you would like to keep some history, you can choose to reload the data from the past 30 days (restoring all shipping settings from the 30 days before you clicked delete).

First Things First

In order to reset ShipWorks, you will need to be logged into ShipWorks with a user who has administrator rights.

The Process

1. In ShipWorks, go to Manage > Options

2. Select Advanced from the left-side menu.


3. Scroll down to the ShipSense section. Click the Reset All Learning button (to reset everything) or the Relearn from History button (to reset the history from the past 30 days). 

4. Click OK to save changes. 

Still Need Help?

Please feel free to reach out to one of our awesome Customer Care Representatives in St. Louis.  We are happy to help.