Editing your ShipSense settings will give you control over how ShipSense applies previous order information. By default, ShipSense looks at your shipping history by Item Code and Item SKU. When you create a new shipment, ShipWorks will scan your previous shipments to see how it matches your current shipment, and apply the matching information to your new shipment. 

For example, if you've previously shipped a basketball with the item code as 111111 and item sku as 323232, and you're now shipping another basketball that matches the item code (111111) and item sku 323232, ShipSense will apply the weights, dimensions, and customs information of your previous shipment to your current shipment.

But what happens if you don't want to use item code or item sku to "look" for previous shipments? Follow the instructions below to change the fields ShipSense uses to apply previous shipment information to your future orders. 

The Process

1. In ShipWorks, click on the Manage tab and then on the Options button.

2. Select Advanced from the left-side menu and scroll down to the ShipSense section. 

3. Click the Configure ShipSense button. 

4. Select the item properties that you want ShipSense to use when "remembering" your shipping history. In order for ShipSense to work, you have to tell it what unique fields you want ShipWorks to look out for so that it can know how to apply your previous settings. You must select at least one field for ShipSense to work properly. 

For example, let's pretend that ShipSense uses SKU and Name. If an item's SKU is 123456 and the name was Yellow T-Shirt, it would only apply to orders imported into ShipWorks that match these criteria. If an order came in with a SKU of 654321 but the name was Yellow T-Shirt, it would remember this order as a separate order from the one above --not applying the same information to the shipment--and you may want to consider filtering only on what is being matched (in this case, it would be item name: Yellow T-Shirt). 

5. (Optional) Click the Add Attribute button to account for other information (like product sizes) in ShipSense. 

(This information should be imported from your online marketplace and appear on the main ShipWorks screen. If an attribute is unsupported by your online marketplace and does not appear in ShipWorks, it is unsupported in ShipSense.)

6, Click Save and Close

Still Need Help?

Please feel free to reach out to one of our awesome Customer Care Representatives in St. Louis. We are happy to help.