You can create filters for orders that use ShipSense, don't use ShipSense, or haven't had ShipSense applied to them. 

You can use the ShipSense filter on its own (to see what orders have ShipSense applied or not applied), create other conditions more specific to your setup, and/or use them with an automated action

The Process

1. In ShipWorks, navigate to Manage > Filters.

Example 1.1: Click the Filters icon to begin. 

2. On the Filter Organizer screen, click the New Filter button.

Example 1.2: Select New Filter. 

3. Name your filter (in the text box) and click Next.

Example 1.3: Give your filter a name. 

4. Click the green "Add Condition" button. 

Example 1.4: Click the green Add Condition button to modify your filter. 

5. Select Order Total > Order > ShipSense Status

Example 1.4: Navigate to your ShipSense filter conditions. 

6. Modify the line to reflect what you want the filter to do and click Next.

Example 1.5: Select what you want the filter to do.

     Won't be Applied: If you've turned off ShipSense.

     Will be Applied: If you've turned on ShipSense.

     Not Analyzed:  If orders were not included in the initial ShipSense setup (for example, if your orders aren't included in the most recent 25,000 orders).

7. Select the Grid Columns (what data will be displayed in your filter) and click Finish.

Example 1.6: Select the columns you want displayed in your filter. 

8. Your new filter will now display in the window. Click Close

Example 1.7: Your filter is now created and appears in the list. 

What Now

Need more help? Ask us a question and one of our customer support people in St. Louis will get back to you.