ShipWorks version 3.9 and higher has the ability to display the cost for the selected order's shipment directly from the ShipWorks main order grid via the Shipments Panel.

If you are running ShipWorks version 5.8 or later, please refer to this article.

Note: You must have a carrier selected for an order before you can see rates. Click the Provider's name (USPS in the above example) and adjust as needed.

If you have negotiated or contract rates set up in ShipWorks, you'll see the rates specific to your account, including negotiated rates. If you are not set up with a shipping carrier, ShipWorks will return retail rates from the selected shipping provider when supported.

To process a shipment, click the Select link next to the service you want to use. 

When you've selected the appropriate service, click the Ship link and you'll be taken to the Ship Orders dialog with the rate and service selected. Continue to process the shipment as normal.

Note: If you're using the Rates Panel added with ShipWorks version 5.1+, the Rates section of the Shipments Panel is not visible but instead rates are displayed in the separate Rates panel.

Restoring the Shipments Panel 

If you accidentally close the Shipments panel with the rates display, click the View tab in the ribbon bar, select Show Panels, and then select Shipments.

What Now 

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