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ShipWorks connects directly to your Brightpearl account. With one click, or on an automated schedule, your orders are downloaded from Brightpearl. As soon as you process a shipment, ShipWorks communicates the updated order status, shipping method and tracking information back to Brightpearl.  This article will guide you through how to connect your BrightPearl account to ShipWorks.

First Things First

In order to connect ShipWorks to your BrightPearl account you will need:

  • Your BrightPearl Account ID
  • Your BrightPearl administrator username and password.
  • Your ShipWorks administrator username or password.

The Process

Creating a New Staff Member in BrightPearl

The first step in connecting BrightPearl with ShipWorks is to create a staff member in BrightPearl. This is what ShipWorks uses to connect to your account. Using the ShipWorks API in this method does not use one of your concurrent BrightPearl user licenses. 

1.  Log on to your BrightPearl account.  Once you have logged in, click on the Settings link located at the top right of the page.


2. From the left-side menu, select Staff / Users and click Add a New Staff Member

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3. On the Add Staff Member screen, enter the following information:

  • First Name - ShipWorks
  • Last Name - API
  • Job Title - ShipWorks User
  • Job Role - Click the drop-down menu and check the box next to Warehouse / Fulfillment.


  • Back Office - Check the box to the left of Back Office.  Then, enter a valid email address.  You can use any valid email address, as long as it is not the same  as your BrightPearl company email address or the email address of your other BrightPearl staff members. 

4.  Click the Create Staff Member button.

5. After creating the user you will be taken to the List Staff page.  If you are not taken there automatically, you can click on Staff / Users > List Staff. 


6.  On the List Staff page, click the Password link to the right of the user that you created in the above steps.


7. Enter the password.  This is the password you will use in ShipWorks to connect BrightPearl.  Click Save Password

Note:  You'll need to input this information into ShipWorks, so it is important that you make a record of it.


8. Next, you may wish to set the permissions for this user.  To do so, click on the Permissions link to the left of the user.


9.  On the User Permissions screen, ensure that API Access is enabled.  It is found in the Settings column.  When enabled it will have a green check-mark.  If it is a red X, click on API Access to enable it.


Note:  It is also recommended that take the time to disable any other permissions to which you may not wish for this user to have access.

10.  Click the Save Changes button to save your User Permissions.

Connecting BrightPearl with ShipWorks

1. Log into ShipWorks as a user with administrative permissions.

2.  In ShipWorks, click on the Manage tab, then the Stores button.  Then, click on Add Store.


2. Select BrightPearl from the What platform do you sell on? drop-down menu.  Then, click Next.

3. Enter the following information onto the Store Setup screen.  Then, click Next.

  • Username:  The email address associated to the ShipWorks API user in BrightPearl.
  • Password:  The password associated to the ShipWorks API user in BrightPearl.
  • Time Zone of Server:  The time zone that your BrightPearl Server is set to.  If you are unsure, please reach out to BrightPearl.
  • AccountID:  Your BrightPearl account ID.


4.  On the Store Information screen, enter the Store Name and Address.  Click, Next.


5. On the Contact Information screen, enter the appropriate contact information.  Then, click Next.

Note:  This information is optional.


6.  The last screen of the setup wizard allows you to specify how many days worth of data to download into ShipWorks on the first download.  The default is 30 days.  However, by clicking on the Edit link, you can modify this date range.

You also have the option to disable uploading a shipments tracking number back to BrightPearl.


7.  Click Next and then Finish to complete the setup.

8.  Click Close.  ShipWorks will automatically begin downloading information from BrightPearl.

What Now

For more information on using BrightPearl with ShipWorks, see the tutorial on BrightPearl's site here

Still Need Help?

Please feel free to reach out to one of our awesome Customer Care Representatives in St. Louis.  We are happy to help.