You can successfully connect your WP eCommerce store with ShipWorks using a plug-in that connects via WordPress. Just think of the plug-in as a bridge, connecting ShipWorks with your WP eCommerce store. This plug-in was created by AdvancedCreation and it is available for free download. 

Installing the ShipWorks WP Plugin on Your WordPress Site

1. Log on to your WordPress site (usually and install the ShipWorks plugin. (If you need help, see the documentation on installing plugins here.)

Example 1.1: Log-on to your WordPress admin area.


2. After the WP plugin is installed, click the ShipWorks WP link (on the left-side menu). 

3. Create a ShipWorks username and password and click Update to save the changes. 

Please note: This is not the ShipWorks log on username/password. This is just a username/password that authorizes ShipWorks to connect to your site. 


Example 1.2: Create a username and password for ShipWorks to use "behind the scenes" when accessing your module. 

You're now ready to enter this information into ShipWorks.

Using WP eCommerce with ShipWorks

1. Open ShipWorks and navigate to Manage > Stores > Add New(If you don't have a store already setup in ShipWorks, open ShipWorks and click the Logo button > Log On. This will take you to your Add Store Setup.)

2. Select WP eCommerce from the drop-down menu and click Next

Example 1.3: Select WP eCommerce  from the drop-down menu.


3. Enter the admin, username, and generic module information from your ShipWorks WP screen.


Example 1.4: Enter your module information on the ShipWorks screen. 

4. Once this information is entered, click Next

5. Continue with the on-screen instructions and click Finish.

6. To import your orders into ShipWorks, click the Download button. 


What Now

Need more help? Ask us a question and one of our customer support people in St. Louis will get back to you.