You can successfully connect your OrderDesk (Foxycart) store with ShipWorks using an integration point available in OrderDesk . Just think of the integration point as a bridge, connecting ShipWorks with your OrderDesk store. 

These instructions assume that you've downloaded and installed ShipWorks and are in the process of adding a store. It also assumes that you have an OrderDesk account and know your log-on credentials (username/password).


Enabling the ShipWorks Integration of Your OrderDesk Store

1. Log on to your OrderDesk store, using your email address and password. 

Example 1.1: Log on to your OrderDesk store. 


2. Once you have logged in, navigate to Integrations > Manage Integrations

Example 1.2: Select Manage Integrations from the left-side menu. 

3. Navigate to the Shipping and Fulfillment tab, find ShipWorks and click Enable

Example 1.3: Enable the ShipWorks integration. 

You are now ready to connect your OrderDesk store with ShipWorks. 

Using OrderDesk with ShipWorks

1. Open ShipWorks and navigate to Manage > Stores > Add New

(If you don't have a store already setup in ShipWorks, open ShipWorks and click the Logo button > Log On. This will take you to your Add Store Setup.)

2. Select OrderDesk  from the drop-down menu and click Next

Example 1.4: Select OrderDesk from the drop-down menu.


3. Enter the username, password, and generic module URL information (from your OrderDesk screen) into the ShipWorks program.

Example 1.5: Enter your module information into ShipWorks.

4. Once this information is entered, click Next (in ShipWorks). 

5. Continue with the on-screen instructions and click Finish.

6. To import your orders into ShipWorks, click the Download button. 


What Now

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