ShipWorks connects directly to your Zenventory account. With one click, or on an automated schedule, your orders are downloaded from Zenventory. As soon as you process a shipment, ShipWorks communicates the updated order status, shipping method and tracking information back to Zenventory.

You can successfully connect your Zenventory store with ShipWorks by entering your Zenventory username and generating/using a secure key via your Zenventory account.  This article will guide you through the steps to connect Zenventory to ShipWorks.

The Process

Retrieving your Zenventory Secure Key

1. Log on to your Zenventory account, using your username and password. 


2. Click on the Admin menu.  Then, click on Users


3. Edit the user account you wish to add to ShipWorks by clicking on the Edit Item icon located to the right of the user.

4. On the User Details screen, locate the SecureKey field.  If there is a SecureKey listed in the field you are all set.  Stay on this screen and move on to the next section of this article.  However, if there is not a SecureKey, click on the Generate a Key button to generate a SecureKey.  Then, move on to the next section of this article.

Already a key?  Great, move to the next section.

No key?  Click the Generate a Key button.  

You are now ready to connect your Zenventory store with ShipWorks. 

Using Zenventory with ShipWorks

1. In ShipWorks, click on the Manage tab and then on the Stores button.


2.  Click on the Add Stores button.

3.  From the What platform do you sell on? drop-down menu, select Zenventory.  Then, click the Next button.


4.  Copy the Login Name: from Zenventory into the Username: field in ShipWorks.  Then, copy the SecureKey from Zenventory into the Password: field in ShipWorks.  Then, click Next.

5.  Enter your Zenventory contact information into the Store Information: screen.  Then, click Next.

6.  Enter the additional Contact Information.  This information is optional.  Click Next.

7. Select how much order history you would like to download into ShipWorks during your initial download.  The default is to download 30 Days of order history into ShipWorks.  You can modify this by clicking on the Edit link.



16.  Verify that the settings for  When the shipment is processed: are correct.  Typically, you would leave the checkbox for Upload the shipment tracking number checked.



17.  Click Next and then Finish.  Then, click Close.

Still Need Help?

Please feel free to reach out to one of our awesome Customer Care Representatives in St. Louis. We are happy to help.