Downloading your orders into ShipWorks is as easy as clicking a button. This article will guide you through how to download orders from your online store(s) and marketplace(s) into the ShipWorks software.

First Things First

These instructions assume that you have successfully installed ShipWorks on your computer and that you have set up (at least) one store.

The Process

Downloading All Store(s) and Marketplace(s)

Detailed Steps Below Video

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1. Click on the Home tab and then on the Download button.

You can also download by clicking on the green Download button located in the Quick Access Toolbar.

 Downloading Orders for a Single Store

When you have multiple stores or marketplaces connected to ShipWorks, you can easily download for a single store or marketplace by:

1. Click on the Home tab.

2. Notice that the Download button is divided in two parts. (a top and a bottom half)

3.  Clicking on the bottom half of the Download button will show you a list of stores and marketplaces that are available for download.  Click the store or marketplace for which you would like to download orders into ShipWorks.

The same is true for the Download button located in the Quick Access Toolbar, except that the button is divided horizontally.

Managing Your Store's Download Settings

ShipWorks allows you, individually for each store or marketplace, to specify whether you would like a particular computer to be able to download and if you wish for ShipWorks to automatically download for the selected store on a schedule. 

The Store Settings Screen

1. Click on the Manage tab and then on the Store button. 

2. Select the store for which you would like to modify the download settings and click Edit.

3.  Select the Store Settings link on the left side of the Store Settings window.

Allowing Computers to Download

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1.  Locate the Download section.  Then, select Yes (you would like this computer to be able to download for this store) or No (you do not wish for this computer to be able to download for this store) from the Allow this computer to download for this store: drop-down menu.

2.  If you have multiple computers using ShipWorks, you can click on the Configure other computers... link and select the appropriate setting for each computer.

Automatic Downloads for this Store

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If you wish for ShipWorks to automatically download for this store on a set schedule:

1.  Verify that the Automatically download every checkbox is checked.

2.  Then, enter how often you would like for ShipWorks to download for this store into the available field.  The default value is every 15 minutes.

Viewing Your Download Log

ShipWorks gives you the ability to view details of any errors that may occur during a download by opening the Download Log.  Viewing the log can be useful when troubleshooting issues with the download process for a store or marketplace connected to ShipWorks.

1.  Click on the Manage  tab and then on the Download Log button.


Still Need Help?

Please feel free to reach out to one of our awesome Customer Care Representatives in St. Louis.  We are happy to help.