After you've submitted an insurance claim electronically using ShipWorks, you can check the status of your insurance claim from within ShipWorks. Note that InsureShip handles all ShipWorks insurance claims, and if you have any questions about the status of your claim, you should contact InsureShip directly at (866) 701-3654 or

First Things First

This article assume that you are running ShipWorks version 3.9.6 (release date 10/20/2014) or greater. 

Viewing a Claim Status

1. In ShipWorks, locate the shipment for which you want to view your claim. (This is a shipment that must have been processed using ShipWorks Insurance).

2. Right-click the order and select Submit Claim. (Alternatively, you can navigate to Home > Submit Claim.)

3. On the Insurance tab, you will see your claim form. Click the Check Status button to view the status of your claim. 

3. The status of your claim appears in the Status textbox. Because ShipWorks does not store this information in the program, once you exit out of this screen, you will need to click the Check Status button every time you want an update on your insurance claim status. Click Close to exit. 

What's Next?

If you have questions on the status of your claim, please contact InsureShip with your specific questions. 

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